What is Burning Man?

The event is held in Black Rock City, located a few miles from the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. A wide variety of performances and music is done to entertain the attendees. However, don’t think of it as a celebration but as an international social development that relies on “ten common-sense standards,” as their official website states. 

Burning Man is run by a non-benefit organization called Burning Man Project. It usually takes place during the conclusion of the summer occasions, which is every year, a week before Labor Day.

Attendees of Burning Man and Events That Take Place

Every year approximately 70,000 people attend this festival, according to the Black Rock City statistics. Tickets usually sell out extremely fast, so it’s recommended not to wait long before purchasing them. A ticket may range between $425-1200, so those attending, or “Burners” referred to, are usually big leagues such as wealthy tech CEOs and influencers.

burning man

In a nutshell, it’s a community of non-conformists that come together and interact as they enjoy different activities, from zip lining, getting tattoos, performances, and bike riding, all for free. All sorts of great names attend this event. Mike Zuckerberg had allegedly once landed with his chopper to serve members barbecued cheddar sandwiches.

Other great names include Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, and Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both Google authors.   

Burning Man receives a lot of VIPS that they have a separate row in the camp dubbed by Recode in 2014, “Extremely rich person’s Row.”  This side of the event is usually set up in a restrictive manner that it has staff for cooking and security, among other services.  

Budget and Essentials to Carry 

After successfully having parted with roughly $5000 – $20,000 that caters to all other essentials such as vehicle passes and tickets, the rest of the stuff you are supposed to provide for yourself. This includes food, water, sunscreen, a safe house, and whatever essential you may require to spend a day or two in the desert. 

Members are always advised to carry their bikes to enable efficient festival movement. Everything else is free except for ice and espresso. You’re set to attend Burning Man and be part of this life-inspiring community.